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black cotton panties made for the ways of the body


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fall in love with your first pair, or your money back.

100% organic black cotton underwear. super soft cotton undies to eat, sleep and move in.

“they feel modern, not frumpy, a little sexy, & are so comfortable. the cut is great, but the fabric is

our exquisite pima cotton is organically grown and harvested by hand in peru − world-renowned for it’s perfect growing conditions. fair trade, natural and second best to wearing nothing at all.

“my vagina has never been happier in a panty”

over 300 million women worldwide suffer from vaginal and bladder infections each year.

doctors recommend 100% cotton as the only underwear to promote good vaginal health.

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we do more than just great panties.

included free in every purchase is the manual - our carefully-curated body guide, with varying topics and expert-backed knowledge. a treasure-trove of information for any body that wants to be in the know.

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we try our very best to be ethically minded in every area of our business. as such, we consciously and constantly work towards improving our production practices:

  • we use 100% Gots organic cotton and natural dyes in all our products, avoiding harmful pesticides and chemicals in our supply chain.
  • we chose to work with small businesses in peru because of their ideal cotton-growing climate. that means lower water consumption than your typical cotton material.
  • we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our panty packaging is 100% compostable, and the rest 100% recyclable (once you take off the stickers).
  • even our underwear is compostable! just cut out the elastic and commit your panties to the wild.

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painstaking care has gone into every pair of oddo for a comfy, sexy fit that is wedgie-proof and stays put all day long.

whether you go for mid rise or high waisted, a low cut or full coverage, we’ve got your next black cotton panties sorted.