fully ethical,

100% organic cotton


soft, sheer cotton that lets your body breathe

sustainable, responsible and fair trade

eco-friendly & biodegradable packaging

doctor recommended for women's health


as featured:


sleep short

the high-waisted, do anything short

from plant to panty, we care about the people (and the planet) involved

we've built our supply chain through a peru fair trade certified, family-run manufacturer.

we visit our factories (also run by women) where our garments are cut and sewn, where the fabric is knit, and the farm where the organic cotton is grown.

our packaging is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. on top of that, our natural-fiber underwear itself is compostable. we wouldn't have it any other way.

"and to do all that just by wearing simpler, healthier underwear? it's a radical idea."


Doctors and women's health experts agree that 100% cotton underwear is the best choice for all women.


start letting your body breathe.

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the manual:
our signature body guide

a beautiful manual filled with tips, information and inspiration about our bodies and women's health.

included free with every purchase.

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incredibly light, comfortable and simple.