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100% organic pima cotton

When wearing nothing isn’t an option, our take on classic cotton underwear is the next best thing. With a texture so light and sheer, our custom Peruvian pima cotton is the *chef’s kiss*. While it’s washing machine-safe, we suggest you wash it by hand.

the best panties for you

*Yes, we mean your vagina. It is a self-cleaning organ that has to breathe in order to stay healthy and function properly (aren’t they amazing?). We may be biased towards 100% cotton underwear, but doctors and sexual health experts also encourage wearing 100% cotton for the best breathability. 

natural four-way stretch

We spent years trying to find the right 100% cotton and finally we found the perfect one. It is a fine weave, super sheer cotton that not only has some natural give to it, but does not bunch or sag. It’s the only thing that goes into our cotton underwear.

fair trade certified

Harvested by hand, our pima cotton yields a cleaner fiber compared to larger commercial harvesting methods. Plus, you can always toss your ODDO undies in the compost! Find out how.