Your guide to the elusive G-spot

"Like Bigfoot or the elusive nature of love, the G-spot is a mysterious beast. The erogenous zone located inside the vagina has been said to induce crazy amounts of pleasure. But, since it’s discovery by German gynecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, in the 1950s, its existence has been hotly debated. Some studies claim it exists, while some G-spot deniers suggest the pleasure center is a hoax. But for women who claim to have had vaginal orgasms, the G-spot is very, very real. So where is it, exactly, and how can you find it?"

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manual (vol. 1): anatomy + pleasure

as a mission based business (we're a PBC) we believe in #bodiesintheknow. our ODDOmanuals are included with each purchase in-lieu of typical marketing materials. 

our first ever manual? the basics—female anatomy from the perspective of pleasure. 

as an extension of our manuals, we've started a collection of related articles, videos, podcasts, series [RESOURCES - below] that we love and which have informed our own discovery. think we're missing something? email us at with your feedback / suggestions!