we make
100% organic cotton underwear

for the ways of the body

Why 100% cotton?

each year, 300 million people suffer from yeast and bacterial vaginal infections. when it comes to vaginal health, doctors and sexual health experts agree that 100% cotton underwear is the best option for your body.

the vagina is a self-cleaning, anatomical powerhouse that has to breathe in order to function properly. with 100% cotton underwear, breathability is a guarantee because the natural fibers in cotton allow for air-flow *down there*. thank you, cotton!

but also... synthetic materials are more likely to cause irritation since they trap moisture, and yeast and bacteria thrive in dark, moist environments. this is why we took great care to create a luxuriously sheer 100% organic cotton underwear made for your vulva, naturally (afterall, that's what it's intended for). check out our FAQ page for more info on how our underwear is made.

underwear with a purpose

we believe that underwear is a catalyst to spark open and informed conversations about bodies, health, and identity. as a mission based business (we're a pbc), our hope is to promote bodies in the know by including an artfully crafted body manual with each purchase—a collaboration with experts to explore body related topics.
for more information on each manual, check out our manual collection here.

our moms always told us to wear cotton underwear, so we did, without really understanding why.

now we're moms ourselves, and we often think about the advice we want to pass along to our daughters - realizing the lack of education we had ourselves. when it comes to underwear, there's research that shows that mom’s advice is true—most doctors agree that 100% cotton really is best for our bodies.

we created oddobody to give a nod to the female networks of yore, especially our original inspiration—our bodies, ourselves—and to all the organizations, midwives, doulas, healers of today supporting autonomy over our own bodies; simply put, we created oddobody to better understand the ways of our bodies.

we now think of 100% organic cotton underwear as a direct reflection of this desire to take control of our own health and wellness. subsequently, we think knowing more about our bodies and feeling empowered in our bodies are fully intertwined. underwear can be functional, healthful, and sexy.

we hope you feel good in oddobody.

shira wheeler & abigail gerow

Letter from the Founders