100% organic cotton set

what our customers are saying:

“this underwear saved me from uti and yeast infection both of which i had last fall. since wearing oddobody, i have been free of any problems!”


"you are changing the world one vajj at a time."


"this underwear was either made in heaven or by the fairies... or both... the fit... the quality... the color."


“i have suffered from yeast infections since my youth. i recently decided enough is enough: i switched to these 100% cotton and what do you know!! i haven’t had one since!!!"


Fit Guide

we love bodies, in all their beautiful variety. see our styles on real bodies to help choose the best fit and style for yours.
underwear made for your body.
Tanga in Chalk $22

Why organic?

our fabric is fair trade & gots certified organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds. organic cotton also requires far less irrigation than conventional cotton.

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string bikini in midnight $24

doctor approved

why 100% cotton underwear? 300 million people around the world suffer from vaginal infections each year. doctors and health experts agree that 100% organic cotton is the best fabric for letting your vulva breathe!

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The Manual

free with every purchase. a deep dive into body related topics, we partner with experts in their field to bring knowledgable, empowering information to bodies in the know.
vol. 3 body manual free!

vol. 3 resources

as an extension of our manuals, we curated a collection of resources that includes some of our favorite articles, podcasts, books and more.

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vol. 6 body manual free!

vol. 6: menopause

check out our sixth manual covering the good, the bad, and the sweaty of the menopausal transition.

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