Intimate goods
       for  the
            ways of
the body

s o f t

      on the hand,

to  the  eyes,       and a feel that

f        o                t         s
       l        a
 s    t    r    e    t    c    h
 that gives,    never takes
b   r   e   a   t   h   e   s  
crafted as        l o v i n g l y
         &        e t h i c a l l y
        as        h u m a n l y

nice things people have said...

“flirtation or function? that’s what underwear decisions usually boil down to. you could opt for something from the agent provocateur school or a grown-up version of the ho-hum workhorses you bought by the three-pack in middle school. now, though, style-conscious women are choosing cotton briefs—not only for their comfort but also for their insouciant chic.”

cotton underwear has long been considered the healthiest choice because it is breathable, light, and wicks moisture away from the skin, which helps prevent infection...the current lingerie market seems to focus on meeting demands for form-fitting, seamless undergarments that only make it harder to keep your vagina and vulva healthy. this is exactly why oddo is hoping to make cotton underwear trendy again."

“this is what makes oddo no ordinary lingerie brand. for starters, its board of directors includes a sex therapist, a midwife, and a gynecologist. and each order comes with a glossy, bedside-table-friendly illustrated manual filled with tips, information, and inspiration about sex and sexual health...never has such an intimate garment been designed so intimately.”