+ Why are ODDO undies sustainable?

Grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds, our fabric is gots (global organic trade standard) certified. 100% organic cotton also requires far less irrigation than conventional cotton and other well known synthetics used in underwear.

Our undies and loungewear can be composted (just cut out the elastic), reused as rags, donated to textile recycling drops, handed down, or repurposed for sewing projects.

+ How will my order be packaged?

we’re sensitive of the impact e-commerce has on our environment as a whole. Our undies are individually packaged in a compostable glassine material. Once it is opened, pull off the stickers and toss the package in your compost or recycling bin. all inserts, manuals, and packaging are 100% recyclable as well.

+ What should I do with my underwear at the end of their life? 

If not using your old underwear as rags (which is a great way to repurpose old pieces of clothing), we recommend you compost them! Simply cut out the elastic and check with your local waste management center to confirm any additional requirements or regulations.

We hope to integrate an ODDOBODY recycling program soon - please let us know if you have any suggestions - we’d love to hear from you - contact@oddobody.com.