Are My Hormones Me?

"Hormones are critical for most aspects of human function, including physical growth, puberty, hunger, metabolism, sexual function, and reproduction. Also sleep, menstruation, lactation, stress, and mood, among many others... Hormones seemingly control everything, in other words, and I’d started to envision them as little particles floating around my body, carrying banners that said, 'Have a baby!!!' It was interesting, then, to learn that I basically had it all wrong."

Read full article by Edith Zimmerman (The Cut)


manual (vol. 3): cycles

as a mission based business (we're a PBC) we believe in #bodiesintheknow. our ODDOmanuals are included with each purchase in-lieu of typical marketing materials. 

volume 3 was created with our content partner moody month and outlines our four-phase cycle. 

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