Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

"As a birth doula and prenatal yoga instructor, I am fortunate enough to witness the inspiring transformations that take place during the journey of conceiving a child, being pregnant, giving birth, and nurturing a newborn.

It is a raw and beautiful human experience, with its fair share of surprises, challenges, and moments of sheer bliss. During this time, the body is going through numerous physical, mental, and emotional changes, all of which are a normal part of the journey...

In this essay, I’ll share with you some of the ideas, considerations and physical movements when practicing yoga during pregnancy and after childbirth...And you’ll learn some great poses you can safely try on your own!"

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manual (vol. 4): the pelvic floor

as a mission based business (we're a PBC) we believe in #bodiesintheknow. our ODDOmanuals are included with each purchase in-lieu of typical marketing materials. 

volume 4 was created with our content partner outer reach, providing the importance of our pelvic floor with exercises we can do to strengthen it. 

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