+ What is ODDO underwear made of?

beautiful, sheer, finely spun 100% organic pima cotton. Our styles have nylon elastic in the waistband and leg openings to help the garment stay up and hold its shape, but we know elastic can irritate sensitive skin, so we made sure to cover it with the same 100% organic pima cotton. The thread used for stitching is also 100% organic pima cotton.

+ Is cotton underwear good for you?

yes, yes, yes! we are all about genitals—and the the vagina in particular—doing their thing-self-cleaning and breathing.... and cotton underwear is the perfect way to let them do so, naturally. with underwear that contains synthetic fabrics like spandex, you can become prone to not only skin irritation, but also UTIs and yeast infections because synthetics trap moisture.

plus, cotton is breathable and it's soft-as-hell. if you want a second opinion, ask your doc or obgyn and they will probably say the same as us: "cotton underwear in the best option for genital—and in particular, vaginal— health."

+ Is there elastic in the underwear?

All of our styles do have nylon elastic at the waistband and leg openings, since elastic is important for keeping underwear in place. However, we have made sure to use the same deliciously soft 100% organic pima cotton fabric to cover the elastic because we know that exposed elastic can irritate sensitive skin. there is no latex in our products.

+ What dyes are used?

The dyes that we use are GOTs-certified, azo-free, eco-friendly, and free from pesticides, fragrances, parabens, and formaldehyde, but are not "natural." “Natural” dyes are made of resources like plants, spices, fruits, berries, etc. It's very hard to find natural dyes that work in large batch dying. Most natural dyes are done in small batches, as using them in large-scale production would not only be extremely expensive, but also relatively stressful on the environment.

+ why is the care tag hanging by a thread?

we intentionally left the tag dangling by a separate thread so that you could easily cut if off and have a tag free underwear experience! some don't mind and actually keep it on, but it's totally up to you.

if you do wish to remove it, take care to snip it off with scissors, as ripping or pulling it off can risk causing a run in the fabric or holes to develop.

+ How should I care for my ODDO products?

ODDOBODY’s products are machine washable, but to keep them in their best shape, we recommend you hand wash in warm water, then lay flat to dry as dryers do tend to cause some wear and tear on delicates over time. ODDO underwear is a great travel companion as they take up little room, are great support during long busy days, and are quick to dry. ;)

+ Will they shrink over time?

All our underwear is pre-washed so shrinkage should be minimal or non-existent.

+ Will you be launching more products?

Absolutely. We come out with new styles and colors each year and hope to launch more often as we grow and develop. Socks? Bedsheets? Scarves? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us at @oddobody to stay in the loop with all product-related launches!

+ Are seasonal colors restocked? 

Sadly, no. We love our seasonal colors too, but they are limited edition and are here only for a short time (which we think makes them more special!). We do launch new seasonal colors every quarter, so hopefully we don't leave you waiting for more hues for too long. ;) definitely keep up with us on instagram @oddobody to stay in the loop for when new seasonal colors drop.