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+ Make & Care

our underwear is made of luxuriously sheer 100% organic pima cotton––the second best thing to wearing nothing at all. our ultra-sheer, fine weave not only stretches smoothly over your skin, but it also recovers (read: no pinching or sagging!). the fabric is harvested only by hand, and sourced and grown in peru, which is known for growing the most exquisite pima cotton in the world, using less water and bringing a cleaner fiber compared to industrial harvesting methods. learn more about our thoughtful manufacturing and sustainability practices on our faq page.

washing machine safe, but we recommend hand washing. 

+ Why 100% Cotton?

it's the best fabric for you aka your ~down there~. your vagina is a self-cleaning, anatomical powerhouse that has to function properly in order to stay healthy. to do that, it needs to breathe. and synthetic fabrics? they trap moisture and contain toxic chemicals that can affect the pH of your vagina, allowing for more vaginal and uterine infections. this is why doctors and sexual health experts concur 100% cotton underwear is the best choice for vaginal health.

+ Final Sale

any items on clearance are not eligible for return or exchange. if you have any  questions regarding our return policy, please see our faq page or contact us at