String Bikini Product Info

+ Make & Care

our classic cotton string bikini underwear is made of 100% organic pima cotton. It is a fine weave, super sheer cotton that not only has some natural give to it, but does not bunch or sag; our custom peruvian pima cotton is the *chef’s kiss*. harvested by hand, our pima cotton yields a cleaner and more sustainable fiber compared to larger commercial harvesting methods. learn more about our thoughtful manufacturing and sustainability practices on our faq page.

while it’s washing machine-safe, we suggest you wash it by hand.

+ Why 100% Cotton?

your vagina is a self-cleaning organ that has to breathe in order to stay healthy and function properly (aren’t they amazing?). with cotton underwear, the natural fibers are not only better for your skin, but are moisture-wicking and breathable, preventing against utis and yeast infections. We may be biased towards 100% cotton underwear, but doctors and sexual health experts also encourage wearing 100% cotton for the best breathability and comfort.

+ First Pair Guarantee 

first time customer? no problem, we offer an exchange or refund on one opened unit of your choosing, as part of our first pair guarantee. If you purchase multiple units for your first order, be sure to open one at a time to ensure that the first one fits before opening and trying on the rest. after the first pair guarantee, we are only able to accept any other unopened units. *only refunds are available for first time international customers*

returning customer? see our return policy on our faq page

to begin the return process or for any other questions, contact us at