+ What’s your deal? Your schtick? Your mission?

So glad you asked :) our mission is to make the best 100% organic cotton intimates that are not only beautiful but good for your body, mutually beneficial to the people who help us create them, and as gentle on our environment as possible. In doing that, we hope to collectively own and create environments where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable discussing their bodies, health, and identities. See our Mission page to find out more about ODDOBODY and our founders.

+ What does it mean to be a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)?

Benefit Corporations are for-profit companies that are legally empowered to pursue positive impact on society, alongside profit. By incorporating as a Benefit Corporation, ODDOBODY has from the beginning made a commitment to uphold a social mission to use intimate goods as a catalyst for people to discuss body politics, health, and identity.

+ Do you contribute any of your proceeds to NFPs?

a portion of all proceeds is donated to organizations supporting sexual + reproductive health.  Check out the organizations we have donated to in the past below and please send us an email if you have any NFPs you feel strongly about and would like to put on our radar:  contact@oddobody.com.

+ What NFPs have you partnered with or contributed to in the past?

- Black Mamas Matter
- SisterSong
- Changing Woman Initiative
- Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

If you would like to donate to them directly or see what specific work they are doing, we encourage you to visit their websites.