Vol 4: The Pelvic Floor


manual (vol. 4): the pelvic floor

as a mission based business (we're a PBC) we believe in #bodiesintheknow. our ODDOmanuals are included with each purchase in-lieu of typical marketing materials. 

volume 4 was created with our content partner outer reach, providing the importance of our pelvic floor with exercises we can do to strengthen it. 

as an extension of our manuals, we've started a collection of related articles, videos, podcasts, series [resources - below] that we love and which have informed our own discovery. think we're missing something? email us at contact@oddobody.com with your feedback / suggestions!

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organizations, research journals, and more...

Our Bodies, OurselvesOrganizationourbodiesourselves.org
Outer Reach Stretchingouterreach.com
Women's Health (whe)research journaluk.sagepub.com
allbodiesmodern health educationallbodies.com
the sex edsex educationthesexed.com



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